An Introduction

I got into photography for a variety of reasons. I have always been artistic, my grandfather was a photographer, and photography would be easy to get good grades (or so I thought). It was definitely intensive work. The long hours in the darkroom; for those youngsters that don’t know that word it’s the place we would develop and print our pictures before we had digital cameras and photo printers that were so accessible. Even so, I loved what I was doing.

But what I was really doing is documenting, and at the time it was skateboarding. I would spend hours every day with friends skating, filming, and photographing everything we did in hopes to become pro one day. That never happened, but my love for the sport stayed with me and I continue to photograph my friends that did keep their hopes alive when ever I can. So for my first post I thought I would post some of my favorite skateboarding images. Enjoy!

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